Mystery Box - Basic - Cubistry

Mystery Box - Basic

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Have a mystery package arrive at your doorstep! Receive one or more randomized cubes, lubes or accessories worth at least 20 SGD in total, as well as special Cubistry cube stickers! We guarantee that the items you get will worth more than what you spent in total. You may even receive items worth far more- it's bound not to disappoint!

You will receive one or more of the items in this list: 


Angstrom Lubes (Diginitas/Gravitas)

Cubicle Labs Mystic [10cc]

DNM-37 [10cc]

Lubicle-1 [10cc]

Lubicle Silk [10cc]

Lubicle Speedy [10cc]

LUNAR [10cc]


NEBULA [10cc]

GALAXY [10cc]

MAX Lubes (Fleet/Command)


Cubistry Cotton T-Shirt

GAN 330 Cube Keychain

GAN Cube Mat (Small)

MoYu Bag (Small/Large)

MoYu Timer

QiYi MoFangGe Chest Bag

QiYi PB Breaker Mat (Large/Small)



DaYan GuHong V3 M

DaYan TengYun 2x2

GAN 356 RS

GAN Pyraminx (Standard)

MFJS MeiLong 2x2 M

MFJS MeiLong 3x3

MFJS MeiLong 3x3 M

MFJS MeiLong 4x4 

MFJS MeiLong 4x4 M

MFJJS MeiLong 5x5

MFJS MeiLong 5x5 M

MFJS MeiLong Pyraminx


MFJS RS3M 2020

MoYu AoYan Skewb

MoYu WeiPo WR M

QiYi MS Cube (Any one in the bundle)

QiYi Thunderclap V3 M

QiYi Valk 2 M

 and more!