Cubistry Christmas Competition 2020

Welcome to the page where you find updates and news about the 2020 Cubistry Christmas Competition (CCC), which is being held online from the 18th to the 20th of December 2020! Bring your friends and celebrate the end of the year with three fun days of cubing with attractive prizes and vouchers to be won!

Quick Links

The latest Competition Guidelines can be found here - please read them carefully.

The latest competitor list can be found here.

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Latest Schedule:

Twitch Streaming Events

We will also be streaming some of the finals on our Twitch account - follow us and watch here

Streamed Events:

  • 4x4 Finals [Dec 19, 2:15pm-2:30pm]
  • 5x5 Finals [Dec 19, 3:10pm-3:30pm]
  • Pyraminx Finals [Dec 20, 10:30am-10:40am]
  • 3OH Finals [Dec 20, 11:50am-12pm]
  • 2x2 Finals [Dec 20, 1:30pm-1:40pm]
  • 3x3 Finals [Dec 20, 2:15pm-2:25pm]



Day 1:

5x5 Round 1

Square-1 Finals

4x4 Round 1

Pyraminx Round 1

3OH Round 1

Clock Finals

Day 2:

2x2 Round 1

2x2 Round 2

3x3 Round 1

4x4 Finals

5x5 Finals

Skewb Finals

Day 3:

Final Results (All Events)


Thank you everyone for participating and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!