Sponsorships / Ambassador Programme

Here at Cubistry, we are constantly on the lookout for new talents and influencers in the cubing community. As part of our aim to further support speed cubers in Singapore and abroad, we have designed our Sponsorship and Ambassadorship programme around helping budding world-class speed cubers develop their skills and confidence.

Do I Qualify?

We are looking for like-minded individuals with specific skills or talents who love speed cubing to join us. Speed cubers from all countries are welcome to apply for ambassadorship, although we are only taking on Singaporeans for sponsorship

Competitive Speed Cuber

We are looking for competitive speed cubers who take part in WCA competitions and do consistently well. It would be best if you take part in multiple events and achieve podium results in one or more of them! We will do a review of your WCA profile and video. 

Active on Social Media 

We are looking to promote our brand on social media, so we are looking for passionate cubers with developed social media platforms (mostly Instagram) to join us. Your social media account must focus on mainly cubing, and you must be dedicated to posting regularly. 


If you are a content creator and run a successful YouTube channel, consider applying! You should be posting mostly cubing related videos on the channel and upload regularly to a sizable audience. 

Photographer/Videographer/Media Producer

We are looking for someone who loves taking aesthetic pictures of cubes in their free time or producing cube tutorial videos to help us on our own social media platforms! If you are someone who runs an Instagram page/other social media page related to cube photography as a hobby, do consider applying. You do not need to be a professional but you must be able to do this regularly and to a high standard. 

What do we expect of our Sponsees and Ambassadors?

  • You are expected to promote Cubistry and may be invited to take on fun projects involving collaborations with other members of Team Cubistry.
  • Represent Cubistry in competitions and on your social media platforms.
  • While in Team Cubistry, we would rather you not become sponsored by other speed cubing stores or other related stores/represent them in competitions.

What perks and benefits would I get for being a member of Team Cubistry?

  • Free Cubistry shirt, Cubistry cube stickers, other future merchandise
  • Personal custom promo code
  • Discounts with no minimum spend on all products in our store
  • Free item from our store every month with no price cap (Sponsees only)
  • Fully sponsored competition fees for all Singapore WCA competitions (Sponsees only)


If you are a friendly and dedicated speed cubing enthusiast, qualify in any one of the categories listed above and think you have what it takes to join Team Cubistry, please email us at applications@cubistrystore.com / cubistryapplications@gmail.com with the following details to apply:

  • Name
  • Country you are residing in 
  • WCA ID
  • Which category/categories you think you can qualify for
  • Full social media details (handles, number of followers/subscribers on each platform, links to the pages)
  • Answer the following question: Why do you love speed cubing and what value do you think you can add to being in Team Cubistry?
  • Attach a video of you doing this set of Ao5 solves. Please ensure that the timer and cube can be seen at all times in the video, and the time at the end of each solve is visible. If the file is too big to be attached, please upload it to Google Drive and attach the share link in the same email.