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GAN 11 M Pro
GAN 11 M Pro
GAN 11 M Pro
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GAN 11 M Pro

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The GAN 11 M Pro is GAN’s 2020 flagship 3x3 magnetic speed cube. The cube is built with an omnidirectional magnetic core and delivers a unique, enhanced magnetic feel that is also extremely easy to adjust.

The cube also features an omnidirectional magnetic core - the industry’s first corner-core magnetic positioning system. In addition to the 48 traditionally placed magnets inside the cube’s pieces, the GAN 11 M Pro contains 8 pairs of magnets stemming from the core to each corner base. This magnetic positioning system creates a consistent magnetic feel that is strong without an aggressive snap.

The GAN 11 M Pro features the same dual adjustment system as the GAN 356 XS. The included adjustment tool can be used to set elasticity at 6 different levels, and the cube can be tensioned by hand to 4 different settings with the smaller blue nut.

The cube comes in 4  different variants: 

-The 'Frosted' finish used on many recent GAN cubes (primary or black)

-The 'Soft' finish gives a rubbery, soft feel to the cube

**The 'UV-Coated' finish gives the cube improved wear and tear resistance